My name is Paul Trout and I am an Executive Consultant that helps leaders unravel complex business problems related to leadership, organizational change and innovation. I typically use some combination of research, facilitation, training and coaching to help my clients achieve their goals.

I’ve been a Consultant since graduating from Indiana University Kelley School of Business in 1999. I cut my teeth as a Consultant for IBM Global Services for three years, then went on to found four businesses.

At the core of increased performance is change, and I help my clients envision and live into the change they wish to see in their organization (to borrow a phrase from Gandhi!). I’ve worked with organizations large and small, with leaders new and seasoned and with teams dysfunctional and high-performing.

My hope is that by offering you my perspectives on what has worked (and what hasn’t) in my career, you’ll find a greater satisfaction in helping others and your organization grow.

Feel free to contact me at paul@paultrout or (773) 856-6500 should you have specific questions related to complex problems you wish to unravel.


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