Finding my voice through writing

Welcome to my new blog!

I wasn’t actually sure whether I needed one or not, and have been debating about it for the past six months in my head.  One voice said “focus on building relationships live”; another said  “build relationships on a larger scale with a blog.”  The latter won out, but not for the reason you may expect.

Turns out I just miss writing.  I love to write creatively, critically and casually.  It energizes me and helps me make sense of a complex world.  I often find my voice through what I write.  The process of working out perspectives in writing in a way that I can move others  gives me great satisfaction.

In this blog, I hope to move my readers by sharing what inspires, angers, thrills, teaches and fulfills me.  As an Executive Consultant who helps leaders unravel complex business problems, I have with a sharp eye on society, looking for lessons, analogies and solutions that may help “unstick” them.  It’s great stuff and it should be shared.

I hope you’ll share your perspectives with me as well as we go along this journey.



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